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Where are Coast to Cove facial protection products manufactured?

All of our reusable facial protection products are manufactured locally in Southern California. We believe in supporting our local economy, particularly in this time of need and use local suppliers for every facet of the product, from the fabrics to shipment packaging -- everything comes from Southern California suppliers. Read about our high quality construction methods, and see why our masks are made to last dozens, if not hundreds of wear and wash cycles.

How am I supposed to wear my mask?

While donning and doffing a face mask has become second nature for many, we understand that with nuances in design sometimes it can be a bit difficult to figure out exactly how a mask is intended to be worn. We have detailed face mask wear instructions available here, and if you still have questions feel free to contact us and we can help.

How am I supposed to clean my mask?

We recommend cleaning your mask in a washing machine alongside clothes of similar fabrics with detergent. Our masks are made to last many wash cycles and as long as they are dried on delicate regularly should last dozens of cycles, and have done so in our testing. If you'd like more specific instructions please check out our detailed face mask care instructions.

Are those real testimonials on your homepage?

Yes! While many other brands use fake testimonials or ask their friends to give them positive words to put on the website, we only show real reviews from actual paying customers. If we're going to share a review on our site, you can be rest assured it's from someone who paid full price for the product. We've got nothing to hide -- quality and transparency is a tenet of our company.

Who is behind Coast to Cove?

Coast to Cove is a partnership between Austin and Andrew, and is a division of Laguna Canvas Products, a storied local manufacturing company based out of Orange County, CA for decades. If you want to learn more about our company, check out our about us page.

Do you meet CDC Guidelines?

Yes! Our products are intended to meet what our public health experts tell us is needed. That's why all of our masks are made of multiple layers, with stretchy yet comfortable ear loops, and are designed to cover both the nose and mouth fully. Our masks are also machine washable and dryable per the guidelines. 
The CDC does not review claims and grant approvals for reusable cloth masks and we are in no way signifying their endorsement, but we've built a product to meet their recommendations and are confident that if there is a process to get their approval in this category that we would get approved.

Do you make custom masks?

We sure do. With our factory partners we can make masks of any shape, size, color or design. Just reach out and we'll help you out. Be forewarned, the minimum order quantity for custom masks is in the hundreds of units. Feel free to reach out via our bulk order and custom order form and we'll be in touch.

Do you offer a discount for bulk orders?

We offer exclusive pricing for bulk orders, in fact the order that gave us the capital to produce our first production run was a bulk order. Feel free to reach out via our custom and bulk order form and we'll be in touch.

What is your donation program?

Our donation program is at the heart of our social mission. We want to give back and our commitment to doing so is that 10% of the proceeds of all retail sales are driven back in to fulfilling the needs of those on the front lines and in need. In practice this means for ever 10 masks ordered we donate 1 mask to a charity or front line worker. While other brands may donate an inferior product or disposable product as their "match", we promise to donate products of the same quality that our customers buy, ensuring that each purchase brings someone in need one step closer to long lasting personal protection.

If you'd like to help us further move the needle and donate additional masks you may do so by donating masks here.

If you know of a charity that may benefit from a mask donation please let us know about them and their story and why they'd be a great fit by contacting us

Do you have any connections to get me other forms of protection or cleaning products?

Yes! We or our partners can help you source gloves, respirators, gowns, surgical masks, hand sanitizer and more. Please reach out via our PPE inquiry form and us or one of our trusted partners will be in touch.