American Made - Ships within 24-48 Hours

High Quality Construction

Our face masks are constructed of the highest quality materials using only the strongest techniques in order to create a long-lasting machine washable face mask that will stay in tact, in shape, and in good condition so you never wave to worry about not having your mask when you need.

Here's what we do to make sure our masks are built to last:

  • We use only the highest quality athleisure blends for our outer layers. The same fabrics your fabric exercise gear is made out of is what we use -- and we only buy from the top mills and distributors.
  • We double stitch everything. Everything! That means your nose bridge is double stitched and every point where fabric touches another piece of fabric is double stitched.
  • We use spandex ear loops instead of elastic because it keeps it stretch better, is more comfortable and allows us to make it double thick by coverstitching which is a special technique used to keep it neat and strong.
  • We contour our mask to your face. By contouring it to your face from the pattern level so that when it's on your face it's not being overly stressed or damaging the stitches.
  • We make it in Southern California with quality control (we check every batch) and American quality standards.